Gardens by the Bay “Blossom Beats” Gardens by the Bay "Blossom Beats"

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    Gardens by the Bay
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    Gardens by the Bay
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    植栽 / プロダクト供給

    Plants / Garden Products Supply
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    日本とシンガポールの国交50周年というタイミングで、シンガポール政府が手がける植物園 ガーデンズバイザベイにて催された桜の花見イベント。「開花調整」の技術と輸出入の経験を活かし、大量の桜とノウハウを提供、成功に導いた。イベントは各所でニュースとなり、期間中にリー・シェンロン首相(当時)も来場。入場規制が出る等、当時の過去最高動員数を記録した。
    2016 marks the 50 anniversary of the diplomatic relation between Japan and Singapore. To celebrate this, world renowned botanical garden in Singapore, Gardens By The Bay, hosted a Japanese themed spring installation. Sora Botanical Garden particiated in this cause by supplying the plant materials such as cherry blossoms, plums and pines for the installation. The whole process of adjusting flowering time, and shipping such large amount internationally was certainly the first that Sora Botanical Garden has ever done.
    The event was a huge success, and was taken up in multiple news worldwide. Not only that, number of visitors exceeded twenty-thousand in just one weekend, one of which, included Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore.

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