「Stop and Smell the Flowers」Phillip lim 創立10周年記念インスタレーション "Stop and Smell the Flowers" Phillip lim 10th Year Brand Establishment Anniversary Installation

  • date : 
  • place : 
    3.1 Phillip lim 南青山店
    3.1 Phillip lim South Aoyama Store
  • client : 
    Phillip lim

  • description : 
    ブランド創立10周年をむかえた3.1 Phillip Limが、南青山にある日本基幹店で開いたパーティ会場の空間を演出。「Stop and Smell the Flowers」というコンセプトのもと、本来同じ時期には開花しないはずの一重、八重、千重の桜を同時に咲かし、それらを無数にパーティ会場の空間に浮かべ、多くの来場者を驚かした。
    2016 marks the 10th anniversary since the establishment of the clothing brand 3.1 Phillip lim, and Sora Botanical Garden helped in creating a magical space for the cerebrational party. With the concept of "Stop and Smell the Flowers," we filled the room with various types of cherry blossoms that normally would not bloom at the same time in the wild. Both the hosts and the guests were all amazed by numerous floating cherry blossoms that brought about the fresh breath of spring.

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