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To our overseas customers
At SORA Botanical Garden there are no limits.
 We, SORA Botanical Garden have years of experience dealing with over 1000’s of plant species, and more than 2,000 consultant projects every year. As a leading company with a strong global network promoting the plant import/export business, there are no border limits.
Together with our experience, this network has enabled us to make many
unique projects across various countries possible. Through consistent growth, the team at SORA Botanical Garden now facilitates the import and export of flora with net trade in excess of 200tons per year.
We are also happy to provide wide range of traditional Japanese flora such as trees, plants, bonsai and cut flowers.
Further more, from our experience with 1000’s of varieties of flora across many different countries, we are able to provide export knowledge and advice with regards to logistics, handling, licensing and legality.
At SORA Botanical Garden we will strive to bring every project to life.